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RoMed Medical - a company specializing in accompanying and coordinating patients who need medical examinations, surgical interventions and treatments at Israeli clinics, according to specialized medical tests.

RoMed Medical collaborates with the most important Medical Clinics in Israel to provide medical services at the highest standards and suitable treatments performed by world-renowned specialists.

RoMed Medical provides specialist counseling in choosing the Medical Clinic suitable for your health problems.

RoMed Medical states the direct Clinic rates.

Through RoMed, you will benefit from diagnosis and treatment using state-of-the-art devices and equipment in Israeli Clinics.

Hospitals and Clinics in Israel are recognized for the high level of training of all their medical specialists.

Israeli medicine means innovation, experience, and immediate application of new treatments discovered through medical research.

Services offered are based on dedication to patients and medical treatment of the highest standards.

RoMed Medical: medical treatments at official Clinic rates

When using medical services provided by our company, you will be treated with respect and fairness, benefiting from detailed information and all necessary explanations regarding all treatment components and related costs.


  -  Tratata la Clinica Tel Aviv Medical Center - TRANSPLANT  MEDULAR  

In toata perioada pe care am petrecut-o in Israel , in timp de aprox. 4 luni de zile am fost indrumata si asistata de Doamna Ronit Zilberman . Mi-a fost de un real ajutor atit in relatia mea cu spitalul , cat si tot ceea ce a insemnat adaptarea mea , la o viata intr-o tara straina . Este un om deosebit , o profesionista in tot ceea ce face . 


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