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Treatments in Israel - RoMed Medical

RoMed provides treatments in Israel, offering advanced medical services

Israel is a gateway to excellence in surgical interventions and medical treatment, being a world leader in medical research, development of sophisticated technologies, and advanced therapeutic procedures.

Thousands of patients worldwide annually approach Israeli clinics for medullary transplantation, hematology, oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedic oncology, rare diseases, genetics, in vitro fertilization, neonatal pediatrics, pediatric oncology, pediatric hematology,

pediatric orthopedic oncology, ophthalmology and many other medical specialties.

Patients are treated with hospitality and understanding, which facilitates their healing. In Israel, you will find pleasant weather throughout the year, and patients will acclimate easily.

TREATMENTS in Israel in various medical specialties offered through RO-Med within ISRAELI CLINICS

  • HematologieTransplant medular

  • Onco-Pediatrie

  • Oncologie

  • Cardiologie Pediatrica si Neonatala

  • Hemato-Oncologie PediatricaTransplant Medular

  • Boli Rare

  • Genetica

  • Cardiologie

  • Obstretica si GinecologieVertilizare in Vitro

  • Chirurgie Plastica

  • Chirurgie

  • Chirurgie Pediatrica

  • Onco-OrtopediePediatrica

  • Onco-Ortopedie

  • Ortopedie

  • Neurochirurgie

  • Recuperare

  • Pediatrie

  • Reabilitare Pediatrica

  • Neurochirurgie Pediatrica

  • Nefrologie

  • Dializa

  • Urologie

  • Dermatologie-Melanoma

  • Oftalmoloe

  • ORL

  • Neurologie

  • Psihiatrie

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